Causes of Dizziness in Women


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What is dizziness

Dizziness is a medical term which is used to explain various changes in one’s health such as vertigo, faint, lightheaded, unsteady and out of balance etc. Some people also recognize the situation as dizziness when they are confused or poignant due to some personal reasons. The aim of the writing is to discuss health issues that women are facing in these days and dizziness is one of the common health concerns that a big number of women suffering from. We have gathered common causes of dizziness in women for your knowledge because it is the common complaint in females that are experiencing several diseases and health concerns. There can be lots of reasons why women feel dizzy. Most of them are common and a few are atypical. Often times, causes of dizziness in women are serious that must be addressed on the priority basis in order to prevent major health concerns in women.

Common causes of dizziness in women

A medical condition when you feel the lightheaded, faint or unbalanced body, is medically recognized as dizziness and it can happen anytime in any phase of life due to a variety of reasons and causes. During the dizziness, some people feel that the environment is moving whereas many other feel woozy, wobbly and weak etc. Below are some common causes why you feel dizzy.

Pregnancy: Dizziness during the pregnancy is common due to some reasons like increased heart rate and blood circulation rate etc. A woman can also feel the situation while standing hurriedly after sitting. A woman can also feel dizzy during the pregnancy when there is a low level of iron in the blood.

A sudden drop in BP: According to healthcare professionals, a sudden drop in blood pressure can cause dizziness in women that lead towards fainting and lightheadedness etc.

Dehydration: Staying for a long time in heat or sunshine can cause a low level of water in the body which is also named as dehydration and it could be one of the common causes of dizziness in women.

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV): Do you often feel that your whole room is spinning while getting up out of the bed after sleep? It’s called vertigo which is a type of dizziness due to the BPPV. Changes in your inner ear are the cause of BPPV that make you feel dizzy.

PMS: We are talking about women health and PMS could be a general cause of dizziness in women because it is the situation when most of the women feel weak and discomfort. Changes in the body during PMS can contribute a lot in dizziness.

How to get rid of dizziness in women

Whenever you feel dizzy in several situations, you must employ following easy ways to get rid of dizziness. Drinking water is the natural remedy for dizziness in women because often times, lack of water in the body is the root cause of dizziness. When you feel dizzy, simply sit down or lie down so let your body manage the condition to ease the dizziness naturally. Consumption of vitamin C can help you to get rid of dizziness quickly. You must try to breathe deep whenever feeling faint or unbalanced because it can help you to ease vertigo naturally. Taking some rest is another naturally remedies to get rid of the dizziness in women because lack of rest could be a common reason why women feel dizzy.

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