Causes And Treatment Of Hair Fall

Causes And Treatment Of Hair Fall

Whether you are taking the morning shower or brushing your hairs to get ready for the office, losing your pretty hair is a normal situation. Dermatolo

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Causes And Treatment Of Hair FallWhether you are taking the morning shower or brushing your hairs to get ready for the office, losing your pretty hair is a normal situation. Dermatologists verified that losing up to 100 hairs in 24 hours is normal because it helps new hairs to grow fast and healthily. But what about the situation if you are losing more than the normal limit? It’s known as hair fall and usually affects peoples in different phases of life. It is the prevalent health issues in adults and older peoples but nowadays, young people are also the victim of the problem and there can be many causes of abnormal hair loss. It is the ordinary medical concern that virtually can affect anyone at different phases of age. Before learning about how to prevent hair fall, you must become skilled at causes of hair fall because it will make the hair loss reversal process calmer for you. Continue reading the article to gain knowledge of causes and treatments of hair fall.

Causes and risk factors of hair fall

Here are some causes that why you are losing your hair and you must aware of them in order to prevent or cure hair loss on the initial stage.

Physical illness or disease

When you are suffering from a serious medical issue or illness, you may start losing your hairs because when you fall ill, your scalp becomes weak and cannot develop healthy hair growth and tend to lose hair in results.

Lack of healthy protein

Protein is something very important for healthy and strong hair and when there is the shortage of protein in diet or food, it starts shutting the hair growth down and the situation can arise after low intake of protein.

Age also matters

Hair fall can also arise when a person becomes 50 years old or above. It is the age phase when human body slows down the hair growth naturally.


Both, physical and mental stress can cause hair fall. It makes scalp skin cells weak and less likely to grow healthy hair.

Hair styling

Hair styling is common in the young generation and when hairdressers use different chemicals and liquids to dye or straight hairs, hairs become weak and cause abnormal hair fall.

Hair fall treatments that work

A number of hair fall treatments that work without side effects are attested by dermatologists that you can take up to cure hair fall naturally and some of them are explained below.

Scalp massage with natural oils

Massaging your scalp keeps its cells alive and enables healthy hair growth. Coconut oil, olive oil and almond oil are some great options for the scalp massage and remember to take bath after few minutes of the massage in order to get better outcomes.

Protein rich diet

Healthy eating is the best remedy for hair fall. Make sure your diet is fully rich with healthy protein, omega 3 fatty acids and zinc etc. add some eggs, milk, cheese, fish and other dairy products in your diet plan to keep your hair healthy.

Aloe Vera for hair fall

Aloe Vera is another result driven hair fall remedy. It contains healthy nutrition for your scalp to diminish some common scalp related issues to stop hair fall naturally.

Licorice Root

You can make a natural medication at home for hair fall by using licorice roots. Just mix up one tablespoon crushed licorice root, one cup whole milk and one teaspoon saffron in a bowl and then apply the mixture on hairs and scalp as well. After few minutes, wash your hair carefully and see the results.