Can philanthropy benefit your health? Explore the little known facts!


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Philanthropy helpPhilanthropy has more than a few underlying benefits than you can envisage. Other than the feel-good factor it bestows, the giver also gets a lot healthier in the course. Scientists after extensive studies have come to coin the phrase” helper’s high and giver’s glow” to explain the fact that giving not only has a positive impact on those in need but also greatly impacts the health of the benefactor. Not just physical health here is promoted but our mental health improves as well, we learn to look deeper into our inner self. Performing philanthropy is one of the best steps one can take to live a joyful and vigorous life. Here’s why!

Longer lifetime:

Studies confirm that people who volunteer for charity are often seen to live longer than others who don’t. Very simply put, the joy of giving can do great things to decrease our stress levels. Stress is the root cause of numerous distressing health maladies and lower levels of stress can improve your health and thus resulting in a longer lifespan.

A new happy you!

Did you know in the course of doing good to others you are actually ameliorating your own emotional vigour? Charity can bring upon peace and happiness as the little that we do is changing lives and nothing can be better than that. Hormones like serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine are secreted with gift-giving behaviour and these feel-good chemicals in no time can get us to feel satisfied. Remember, it is only by serving others that you serve God. Let us do some good today!

Bid adieu to all your pains!

Those suffering from chronic pain often feel vulnerable as it seems to be a perennial problem that goes on for life. But surprisingly reports confirm that patients suffering from severe chronic pain ailments when come to help others having the same problem the help givers often are seen to feel better than before and their confidence too is significantly enhanced.

Blood pressure levels decreased

Patients with elevated blood pressure levels is a very common sight these days. The joy of giving can get you out of harm’s way by bringing down stress levels leaving you happy and healthy.

Gives you reason to live!

When life throws curve balls to us we often seem to lose optimism, this is when we should think doing good to others. Philanthropy not only motivates us to feel good about ourselves it also brings in a sense of purpose in our lives.

What better than a world to live in where everyone thinks of the other? Pleasure centre of the brain is signalled every time we think about doing good to others. A plethora of studies ratify that health is greatly benefitted when we engage in charity. Man is a social animal and giving can promote cooperation and social connection amongst those living in a society. The path to happiness and gratitude starts right here!

We make a life only by what we give and not with what we get!

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