Can you Contribute to Pregnancy Health as Men?

Can you Contribute to Pregnancy Health as Men?

We are not exaggerating when we are saying that pregnancy is not all about women’s health. Though preconception and pregnancy are mostly about women’s

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Healthy-PregnancyWe are not exaggerating when we are saying that pregnancy is not all about women’s health. Though preconception and pregnancy are mostly about women’s health, it should be noted that the most sagacious health experts out there opine that when it comes to couple-reliant outcomes like child health and pregnancy, males matter as significantly as the females do. Today, we are going to explore a few ways with the help of which men contribute to pregnancy health. Do read on in order to be duly guided.

How can you contribute to pregnancy health as a dad to be?

Let us tell you that your responsibility as a dad-to-be starts way ahead – way before your partner actually conceives. Doctors opine that men should keep their weight in check before trying to impregnate a woman. Both being overweight and underweight can actually affect the quality of the sperm. Sexual life is seriously jeopardized since both libido and sexual performance and adversely affected. You can ensure that you are on the right track by sticking to proper diet containing the proper mix of lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, dairy and grains. Do ensure that you are sticking to a regular exercise regimen.

What should men know about pregnancy health?

It is as much a man’s responsibility to identify the causes of pregnancy loss as it is the responsibility of women. A research conducted at the National Institutes of Health, Louis focused on couples’ lifestyles as one of the factors governing loss of pregnancy. More than 300 men thus studied revealed about their lifestyle habits. It was found out that the risk of pregnancy loss was higher when both the male and female partners consumed more than caffeinated beverages.

Though previous researches actually showed that only women’s caffeine intake affected pregnancy risk, the aforementioned research found out that men’s caffeine intake had an equally significant role to play.

Follic Acid is helpful

While you might as well have often come across benefits of follic acid for moms-to-be, it is also true that their male counterparts can actually benefit from follic acid as well. It should be noted that the lack of follic acid in diet can actually result in higher rate of abnormal chromosomes in the sperm. Sperm with abnormal chromosomes is no good news for pregnant women. The egg thus fertilized can be lost in miscarriage. There might as well be birth defects to contend with. There however is no need to take folic acid pills. The right diet including leafy vegetables, beans, whole grains and citrus fruits can actually go on to help you in this regard.

Limit alcohol intake

It is also important for men to limit beer intake before becoming a father. There is no need to refrain from alcohol totally but it is important to limit intake. Alcohol remains one of the major factors causing abnormalities in sperm or reduction in sperm production.

If you are a dad to be make sure you are keeping these points in view without fail. Do not undermine the contribution of men to pregnancy health.