Can Blood help determine Life Expectancy?


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bloodWhat are the factors that determine life expectancy? Illnesses, obesity, diet and exercise levels are just a few of attributes that come to the fore in this regard. Perhaps this is the reason why it is assumed that the rate of decline of life expectancy intensifies as you go down the socio economic ladder– blame it on “their” poor diet, incessant smoking or risk of obesity.

Estimating Life Expectancy: What Modern Researchers have to Opine

However, further education on this subject will tell you that the aforementioned aspects do not really go on to present you the entire story as far as life expectancy is concerned. As per Mel Bartley (University College London – professor emerita of medical sociology) opines that if you are closely following someone’s rate of alcohol consumption, exercise level and diet – you will have 30 to 40% chances of predicting how long the person will live in an accurate fashion. However, there definitely are other factors at play when it comes to determining life expectancy. And, what exactly are the factors that we are talking about here? We will definitely discuss in the course of the post.

As per Bartley and her colleagues, significant clues can be traced in the biomarkers of the bloodstream. The idea definitely takes from the age-old efforts (since 1950) of scientists to identify markers that could directly be associated with heart disease which assumed epidemic proportions in the US. To start off with, let us point out clearly that high blood pressure is definitely an indicator of your life expectancy. However, today, it has been added that the level of bad cholesterol in the blood can also go on to determine or for that matter offer an indication about the same. If doctors today start monitoring the level of bad cholesterol in blood even that of healthy people, they will be able to gauge who are the ones at risk. Taking a cue from the same, modern researchers are trying to establish a link between social status and health.

What are biomarkers or molecular flags?

A biomarker– amidst all this acts as a very distinctive measure of health or as molecular flags that enable researchers to figure out what’s happening inside the body and thus take steps towards mitigating problems, if any. By establishing the link between social status and health, the researchers are hopeful of delivering policies in a bid to reduce the impact of status on health. According to them, the most deprived segment of UK will go on to benefit in the long run as well. It is rather shocking to learn that the poorest people in the kingdom actually lack over a decade of life as to what’s the case with the rischest of them.

Gone are the days when health specialists would just go on to estimate health risks simply by asking simple questions like “how would you like to rate your health today?”. Today, the molecular flags or your blood can tell a lot about yor chances of living.

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