Botox- Uses and side effects of Botox Injection

Botox- Uses and side effects of Botox Injection

Everyone wants to look younger and smarter from the real age. Even some are trying their best, but they cannot get the skin exactly they want. People

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Everyone wants to look younger and smarter from the real age. Even some are trying their best, but they cannot get the skin exactly they want. People use many anti-aging creams, other cosmetics and makeup to remove wrinkles, but after some time they appear again.

Wrinkles lines appear with age and are a little bit hard to prevent but not impossible. Botox injections are the best solution of this which retain collagen from the skin and also manage skin tissues and cells.

Botox Injections are here before knowing this, look at the overview of Botox injection which is illustrating below.

Botox Injection Overview

It is the best group of medications that use various botulinum toxins to paralyze muscles activity. They also strengthen the skin muscles and tissues present beneath the skin. Toxins are produced by microbes that are a primary reason for wrinkles and aging skin.

They are used to solve neck spasm problems, excessive sweating, and lazy eyes. It offers fast and long-lasting results that may not show other liquid non-surgical medicine.

What is Botox Injection?

Clostridium botulinum is beneficial bacteria from which Botox is derived that can be found in many natural ways like from the soil, forests, and lake. This bacteria also produce in the intestine of mammals and gills of fish. Botox injection blocks specific chemical signals from the nerve which contract skin muscles, it relaxes facial muscles that are responsible for causing lines on the face.

Botox Injection functions

Botulinum toxin is the most dangerous substance for the human body it injects in the human body in minimal concentration which is measured and approved.

It was preventing signals from the nerve to muscles and lower the aging effects. It is perfect and the valuable therapeutic protein which fulfills the skin protein requirement as well.

Injected botulinum prevent to release acetylcholine, stop muscles contraction and causes a reduction in abnormal muscles contraction.

Botox Injection uses

In general, it is common that this injection uses to remove wrinkles and fine lines. Beside this, it has many other uses, and currently, it is used to treat 20 or more medical conditions that are here.

  • For severe neck and shoulder muscles spasm
  • Low, excessive sweating
  • Good for eyes spasm
  • Remove lines between the eyebrows
  • Treat anal sphincter dysfunction.
  • Finish lines around the lips.
  • Remove Wrinkles around the eyes
  • Make skin younger and tight
  • Tighten the skin for an extended period

A procedure of Botox Injection

  • Available at the liquid form and diluted with saline liquid and directly inject on neurotransmitter tissues. It takes 24 – 72 hours to show desired results. In many severe, it takes five days to show full results.
  • During this period you will get some common symptoms that finish after a short time. The patient lay down in a straight way, and expert injects the solution where it is required after completing the procedure the patient should take rest for 4-5 hours.
  • This injection should not use for pregnant, lactating and people who have the chronic disease.
  • Apply 4-5 different position on forehead and 3-4 different place around the eyes to remove complete wrinkles.
  • Sometimes bleeding start from the area where liquid injects use ice to rub on affected area.

Botox Injection benefits

This injection has many benefits big one is that it is the non-surgical treatment of aging skin and any others are here.

  • Remove wrinkles
  • Sometimes wrinkles appear before the age this injection remove lines properly and make it younger.
  • Migraines
  • People who are suffering in migraines can create with this injection. It gives relief from a migraine and severe headache and relaxes brain muscles.
  • Bells palsy
  • Results from damaging facial nerves and trauma that weaken the facial muscles and its surrounding area. This injection created a better balance and strengthened these muscles.
  • Muscles stiffness and twitching
  • It can treat the elbow stiffness, and wrist and ankle muscles. Remove lines permanently from the skin and get rid of wrinkles effect.

Botox Injection Side effect

As it has many benefits and also has some side effects that are mild as well severe. It may cause some unwanted side effects. These can include

  • Numbness
  • A headache
  • Nausea
  • Weakness of eyelids
  • Gallbladder dysfunction
  • Bleeding
  • Blurred vision
  • Dry mouth
  • Swelling
  • Decreased eyesight.