Back Pain Reasons That Mainly Affect Women


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Are you sick of the aching back? Not only you but a big number of women is suffering from this health concern all around the globe. Back pain in women is the hottest topic in various clinical interest and medical research because women are more prone to back pain than men. It is also approved by researches that lower back pain is one of the most common leading causes of disability around the world. People of all ages can be at an augmented risk of lower back pain due to the variety of reasons and medical conditions like obesity, poor health or while doing too much hard work in a day, but is it right that your gender can put you at more risk of suffering the back pain? Yes, it’s true because most of the studies have proved that female gender develops the chronic lower back pain and backache more than male. Dissimilar body structure could be the big reason behind back pain in women more than men because females feel this type of pain at a specific phase of life when they are dealing with menstruation period or are expected moms.

Common Reasons for back pain in women

There can be lots of reasons and causes of back pain just like ruptured discs of back bone, strained muscles, aggravated joints, arthritis, poor walking postures and excessive use of high heels etc. The list of common reasons of back pain in women is also big, because women are more likely to suffer from back pain than men and below are some reasons why they undergo the lower back pain more than males.

Premenstrual syndrome

It is an awful time of the month for females when they feel different physical and emotional concerns and back pain is one of them. It is the name of the condition that a woman feels during the days of the menstrual cycle or just days before menses. During this term, in women’ body levels of estrogen and progesterone increases that cause various symptoms and back pain is a common one.


A medical term ‘coccydynia’ is used for a particular type of back pain named tailbone pain. A difficult child birth is the major cause of this pain. Women can feel this type of pain when sitting, standing up after sitting and when laying on the bed or plan surface.


Another common and major health condition that causes lower back pain in women is named as pancreatitis. In this condition, females may also feel stomach pain along with aching back.

Damaged discs

Normal deterioration of discs makes it hard for your joints to keep your spine in the right position that can also cause of lower back pain that can turn into disability later on if proper treatment or therapy is not applied. The risk of this condition increases with age.

Compression fractures

When one of your bones in the spine breaks, its known as a compression fracture. Osteoporosis can also cause this serious health concern in women that gives you unexpected back pain. Women are likely to suffer from this condition named compression fracture 2x than men.

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