Autumn Anxiety – How to Manage Seasonal Depression

Autumn Anxiety – How to Manage Seasonal Depression

Autumn anxiety is the propensity for people to agonize from things like low mood, depression, and anxiety during the days of the autumn season.

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No doubt autumn is a wonderful season full of pumpkin and leaf-peeping drives, the days get shorter, the sun sets earlier and we often feel our spirit changing just like leaves changing their color. Responsibilities are the same but time for adventure is about to reduce and things feel a bit hard to complete. As the autumn season is the time to turn our attention away from lengthy & leisure summer days and busy work schedules, most of us experience anxiety and stress. If you are also noticing such a shift in how you feel and work then you are one of the people affected by autumn anxiety.

What is Autumn Anxiety

Autumn anxiety is the propensity for people to agonize from things like low mood, depression, and anxiety during the days of the autumn season. An individual suffering from autumn anxiety may feel overwhelmed, mood disorder, tense, or worried. Moreover, muscle stiffness, headaches, stomach aches, and poor sleeping patterns are some of the physical symptoms of seasonal depression.

Ways to Manage Autumn Anxiety

1- Breathe

For sure, we all are breathing. But breathing in a proper way can help you reduce autumn anxiety. The human body releases almost 70 percent of its toxins via breathing. There are several ways of breathing and we release carbon dioxide that has been gone through the bloodstream to the lungs. Breathing in this way you count to five while inhaling and then again count to five while exhaling. By doing so, you are able to release more toxins and carbon dioxide. Moreover, it also maximizes the HRV (heart rate variability) to manage autumn anxiety. Try to breathe in this way at a natural open place to inhale more oxygen into your body to feel fresh and energetic.

2- Walk Outside During Lunch

According to medical experts, exposure to light is one of the vital things in order to combat anxiety. Get some time in your day to day activities to walk outside in the light. Both light and exercise (walking) contribute a lot in making your mood fresh and spirited. Sitting next to the window for 15 minutes daily is the best way to get more exposure to the light in order to reduce the impacts of seasonal depression.

3- Keep Yourself Busy in Healthy Hobbies

As days in the autumn season are short, we got insufficient time to be spent with friends and family which is one of the common causes of autumn anxiety. No connection with friends can feel drastic. So, try to keep yourself busy in healthy hobbies and outing with friends to cope with seasonal depression. Instead of watching shows on TV, spend your time on hobbies like gardening to increase exposure with nature. It will make you feel fresh and healthy.

4- Sleep Well

Healthy sleep is one of the vital things to stay healthy and fit. Lack of sleep doesn’t allow the brain to get the repair or rest it needs to work properly. That is the reason, an individual with poor sleeping patterns is more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety. During the autumn season, most of the people are about to live with a poor sleeping schedule that makes them depressed and overwhelmed. Sleeping well is one of the best ways to manage seasonal depression to experience an amazing boost in mood and overall activities.

5- Laugh and Practice Gratitude

As it is almost impossible for the human brain to express the feeling of gratitude and anxiety at once, that’s why always try to practice gratitude specially in autumn season to prevent autumn anxiety. Thanks to cognitive dissonance (a situation when the brain struggles to hold onto two opposing or feelings at the same time) it prevents the human brain to be stressed while feeling or practicing gratitude. Laughing is another best way to combat anxiety. Fighting anxiety by laughing can fun too.

6- Pay attention to your thoughts

Replace negative thoughts that lead to anxiety with realistic to reduce autumn anxiety. Instead of worrying about things yet to be done, try a way to get them done effectively. Be realistic to goal setting and list the things in a to-do list that you can easily accomplish during the day.

7- Consider Therapy

If you are unable to control the situation by trying all the above-mentioned tips, then you may need some professional help or assistance to get things in your favor. Visiting a psychologist that specializes in anxiety disorders would be the best option to cope with autumn anxiety. Getting help from a friend, family member or colleague can also help you beat anxiety that arises during fall.