Are you Turning to “Healthy” Fashion?

Are you Turning to “Healthy” Fashion?

From stilettos to hoodies – from skinny jeans to corsets, today we are offering you a rundown of leading fashion choices that are likely to have a neg

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From stilettos to hoodies – from skinny jeans to corsets, today we are offering you a rundown of leading fashion choices that are likely to have a negative impact on your health. They are fashionable but may not be equally healthy. So, how do you strike the right balance between health and fashion? By opting for moderation. If your favorite pair of skinny jeans is not recommended for your health for various reasons then make sure that you are cutting down on usage. Instead of wearing them frequently, make it a point to lessen usage. Read on further details.

How can skinny jeans positively affect your health?

Now, skinny jeans are primarily not recommended because they restrict mobility. Restrictive clothing has its fair share of demerits. It is known to be resistant towards the shock absorbing functionalities of your body – generated primarily when you are walking. This is in turn can exert abnormal pressure on your joints. Don’t be surprised even to come across stories highlighting the most worrisome risk of wearing skinny jeans. As per reports, a 35-year old woman experienced numbness in her legs as a result of sporting these jeans. Her legs had actually become so swollen that she had to be taken to the emergency room and had the pair of jeans cut off. Find out about more such health risks.

The health risks of wearing hoodies

Wearing hoodies is also seen as a malady not as a sartorial choice but definitely in respect to your health. Large hoodies particularly mean that you are actually craning your neck in order see things – this in the long term might as well result in excruciating neck pain. The use of asymmetric hemlines can restrict your movement as well.

Neckties: Not Recommended if worn too tight

Are you wearing neckties too often? And, that too – too tight? If yes, then be sure enough to get rid of this particular habit. Why? Quite simply because wearing neckties can actually lead to intracranial pressure. There are chances of raised blood pressure in the eyes – even to unsafe levels. It is very important on your part to ensure that you’re educating yourself about the nuances of the health discrepancies generated by neckties and acting accordingly when it comes to eventually wearing them. Corsets are another “sartorial” piece that makes it difficult for you to breathe.

Beware of high heels!

Now, coming to your stilettos or high heels. Ask the most regular wearers and they will tell you about the pain experienced by them. As we all know, it’s not easy to walk on those high heels. It was in the year 2014 that a review brought the vagaries of sporting high heels to the fore. It was asserted that high heel shoes are positively responsible for changing the natural position of the foot and your ankle – with the discrepancies finally escalating to your spine. It can be said that all of this boils down to the fact that high heels inevitably push the weight to the balls of your feet, which turns into a source of excruciating pain.