All about Aqua Fitness and More

All about Aqua Fitness and More

Even if you’re a fan of gymming (you like sweating it out religiously everyday at the gym) you would swear by the efficacy of aqua fitness. As they pu

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aqua fitnessEven if you’re a fan of gymming (you like sweating it out religiously everyday at the gym) you would swear by the efficacy of aqua fitness. As they put it, there’s something about the swimming pool which inpires us to shrug off our laziest self. Talk about moulding ourselves into the craziest of shapes and splashing about aimlessly – no matter what –they are activities! Activities that can actually be termed as great fitness measures!

What do you need to know about aqua-fitness?

Aqua-fitness it can be said has emerged as one of the most significant fitness trends today and not without reasons. Aqua aerobics, for instance, is immediately associable with the string of therapeutic benefits that it has in the offing. As you might have gauged by now – our focus is aqua fitness today. In the course of the post we will be exploring the various facets of this concept – eventually unearthing whether at all it’s efficacious or not.

What about Aqua Aerobics?

Let us start off with aqua aerobics at first. A form of fitness, slowly gathering momentum in India, this particular concept entails exercises including kick-boxing, pilates and cardio in water. As per experts, it is highly beneficial for obese people suffering from arthritis. And guess what? There is a very simple reason why it works perfectly fine for the obese. It should be noted that we weigh only 10% of total body weight in water. There are so many exercises that we are unable to perform on land because of the gravitational pull. No such worries when you are in water. The chances of you being weighed down by the gravitational pull are lifted—as a result of which you are able to perform these exercises without pain. And, this is where it helps. As far as arthritis is concerned, one can be benefitted immensely quite simply because every minute spent by you in water helps in hindering the progress of the disorder.

This particular training method is widely recommended for the diabetics as well because it entails specific ways with the help of which the level of insulin can be controlled. The sugar level can come down distinctly as well.

Exploring the facets of aqua zumba: Why you need to educate yourself about the same

For the fun part of it, you can also be a part of aqua zumba. Zumba itself is a rage of sorts among fitness fanatics – and aqua zumba just goes on to raise the level of excitement by a few notches higher. Stretches, twists and insanely fun body movements – you end up doing so much while you are in water. Every moment that you spend  moving in a litre of water, you are actually losing a kilogram. That’s a lot! The aquatic movements also imply that you are actually working on your ligaments and paving the way for sleeker muscles.

Aquatic Shiatsu

Aquatic shiatsu refers to a relaxation practice which involves activating body pressure points by relieving tense joints, massage and assisted stretching. The internet is literally brimming with information regarding this particular technique.