Air Pollution And Our Health – Health Reviews

Air Pollution And Our Health – Health Reviews

We are living in the fully advanced era of life where lots of convenient options are available to do things expediently due to extended progression of

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We are living in the fully advanced era of life where lots of convenient options are available to do things expediently due to extended progression of technology. Since advancement in technology is changing our lives and making things easier than before, people of current age are also facing some serious environmental problems and one of them is air pollution. Constructive impacts of industry and technology are innumerable but air pollution due to the technological changes can also have many health effects on humans living around the globe. Air pollution is the occurrence of poisonous chemicals or compounds (like industrial smoke, dust particles, and other harmful elements) in the air on dangerous levels that pretense diverse health risks and issues. According to the environmental science, the planet earth is covered by air coverlet (combination of different gasses) which is known as atmosphere. It is the protection to humankind and enables the life to exist via breathing. When the company of different additional elements and damaging gasses deform this natural balance of gasses in the air that can harm our health is called air pollution. Air pollution is considered as the major environmental health problem that is harming our health incessantly and below you can read how air pollution affects our health.

Health effects of air pollution on humans

When we take in air, which is full of pollutants, our cells (that are connected with lungs) absorbs detrimental gasses like carbon monoxide or nitrogen dioxide etc and then these gasses can travel into the bloodstream to wreck your heart and other parts of the body to make you feel seriously sick. Bulk quantity of harmful pollutants in the air that we are breathing in, can simply put you at risk of Cancer and other tedious medical issues. Health hazards of air pollution are tremendously unkind and poor dirty air nowadays is killing peoples by affecting their health from common health risks like asthma and bronchitis. Failure of lung aptitude and decreased functions of lungs are some major health affects of air pollution on the human being. It is also said by WHO (world health organization) that air pollution is among world’s top killers. Cough and sore throat are initial symptoms that air pollution is affecting your health that can lead you towards serious medical issues (like asthma) later on.

Ways to prevent air pollution

Industrial smoke and vehicles on the road are creating approximately 50 percent of air pollution on earth and you can think about these ways to prevent air pollution while traveling on the road or working at the workplace. Covering your mouth with a surgical mask while traveling can help you to stop eating the unhealthy air. Avoid areas where wood, coal or kerosene are burning or cover your mouth with a clean mask or something similar. Sow more plants and trees around your house, workplace or living area to bring air pollution to an end as trees are environment-friendly and generate more oxygen to make the air clean and healthy. Take part in local clean air programs and support the organizations or communities who are working to protect the air from harmful pollutants. There were some simple yet most effectual ways to prevent air pollution in order to reduce health risks of air pollution.