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 “Health is wealth” is accepted by everyone throughout the world. Nowadays people are health conscious and they are seeking various tips to maintain good health. The World Health Organization (WHO) emphasis the need of good health to all through which we can create a healthy society. Media such as television, radio, newspaper and journals are often providing various health tips to public.

Sound sleep: At least 6 hours of sound sleep is mandatory for all human beings. A sound sleep rejuvenates the body cells and improves the metabolism. The internal vital organs are refreshed and activated through sound sleep. This gives good refreshment for the next day’s activities and performance.

Regular exercises: Everyone should cultivate the habit of performing exercises daily. Both aerobic and anaerobic exercises are good, and depend upon the individual’s interest they can choose their exercises. Yoga asanas is one of the best exercises, which people can practice stage by stage. Pranayama combined with asanas gives many fruitful results. Many doctors suggest their patients to perform asanas and pranayama as an alternative medicine for their diseases. Walking, jogging, cycling and swimming are also good exercises.

A sound sleep rejuvenates the body cells and improves the metabolism

Avoid junk foods: The modern society is attracted towards the junk foods which produces bad cholesterol and triglycerides. Instead we can choose sprouts, fruits and raw vegetables as snacks. The fruits and vegetables should be washed with plain water before eating. Food items which come in packages, tins, and bottles should be avoided as far as possible. The food which possesses more artificial color and flavors should be avoided because these are chemicals which badly affect the physical metabolism.

Exposure to sunlight: The raw source of Vitamin-D is available in sunlight only. The exposure to moderate sunlight is mandatory to all.  Either in morning or evening we should get exposed to sun light through which the bones are benefited.

Avoid alcohol and smoking: The consumption of alcohol destroys our body. Our vital organs such as heart, kidney, liver and brain are severely affected due to this alcohol consumption. The organ’s functioning cells are destroyed, this in turn effects the life time of the individual. Similarly smoking is bad habit which affects the lungs severely. When the lungs are affected, supply of oxygen will not happen properly, this will affect the entire physical metabolism.

Periodical health checkups: Everyone should follow a periodical health checkup under the guidance of a physician. Checkups for diabetes, heart ECG, kidney functioning and blood tests should be performed at least once in a year. If any abnormalities are observed immediately the concerned physician should be approached for further treatment. Taking medicines over–the-counter should be strictly avoided which creates a lot of diseases.

Mind your Mind: One should perform inner meditation to calm the subconscious mind. When the mind is affected, it automatically effects the body and vice versa. So we should have a good control over the thoughts which in turn affects the mind. Many art-of-living centers are available to teach the specific task of mediation as per our requirement.The individual’s life style and habits play a vital role in maintaining a good health.

Sharing is caring!

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