A Few Misconceptions about Breast Cancer Discussed

A Few Misconceptions about Breast Cancer Discussed

The rising awareness about breast cancer quite unfortunately hasn’t really done away with the misconceptions associated with the same. Right from its

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Breast CancerThe rising awareness about breast cancer quite unfortunately hasn’t really done away with the misconceptions associated with the same. Right from its causes to its effects, myths about breast cancer are almost rampant. Today, in the course of the post, we will try to address a few of these myths and eventually help women (not only the ones suffering from breast cancer) put things in the right perspective. Documented below are details.

What are the most recurrent myths about breast cancer?

Do you know that there are patients that actually believe that their present diagnosis has a lot to do with their family history? To begin with, it’s nothing but a mere misconception. As per researches, only 2 out of 10 people diagnosed with breast cancer had actually had their family history to blame. You perhaps hear what Jennifer Litton, associate professor of breast medical oncology at the University of Texas M.D Anderson Cancer Centre, has to say and it will be easier for you to grasp what we actually mean. She says that there are a lot of women who actually believe that they are “safe” because they don’t have anyone in the family suffering from breast cancer.

That’s wrong. The aforementioned report might as well have already told you that. Provided below are other such myths about breast cancer.

Deodorants can cause breast cancer

It was only in the wake of a large-scale e-mail hoax that the rumor of deodorants and cosmetics causing breast cancer started doing the rounds. One however has to take into view the fact that there is actually no scientific evidence to show that they can trigger chances. There are a few suggestions claiming that the aluminium contained in the deodorant causes breast cancer. These claims were however later disputed by a review. So, before arbitrarily throwing out those deodorants from your cosmetic box make sure you are actually checking facts.

If you have breast cancer you will definitely need chemotherapy

The truth actually is that the treatment may or may not need chemotherapy. The need differs with the size of the cancer and the biology of the patient. Besides chemotherapy, patients can discuss other options like surgery and radiation. It is very important on your part to discuss with your oncologist before assuming anything arbitrarily. Reading a lot of articles and journals will definitely help you embrace a more judicious approach towards the disease but do know for a fact that patient biology and condition differs largely. What may hold true for others may not hold true for you.

Though there has been a lot of talk about the link between lingerie and breast cancer, there is no concrete evidence to show that wearing a bra can actually aggravate the condition. So you can avail the support you need.

Cancerous lumps cannot be painless

If your lumps are painful then only it’s cancer. The myth once again should be done away with. Cancerous lumps can either be painful or painless. It is mandatory on your end to ensure that you are getting a lump (which has persisted for more than two weeks) checked by a doctor—irrespective of whether it’s painful or painless.