A Few Healthy Food Items Explored

A Few Healthy Food Items Explored

The concept of healthy eating is as interesting as beneficial. It’s interesting because every other day, you come to know about one or the other food

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Healthy FoodThe concept of healthy eating is as interesting as beneficial. It’s interesting because every other day, you come to know about one or the other food that if consumed in any form can turn out to be healthy in some or the other way for you. So, what exactly are we talking about here? Then there are reports that help you clarify your doubts regarding the inclusion of health food items in your diet. For instance, it has been opined that purple colored food items have emerged as a rage this season.

What’s it about Purple Food?

Talk about ice cream, tacos and juices – it can clearly be maintained that purple-colored food items are literally ruling our palettes. Is there a particular reason why we are staring at a possible replacement of green food items by the purple ones? While, it’s premature to comment on such a diverse shift in trends as of now, we can actually tell you that purple food doesn’t only look amazing but is notably rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants as well. The purple hued vegetables like sweet potato, eggplants, purple berries and corns are also sold increasingly – since people have actually started realizing the benefits associated with them. Talking more about healthy diet, let us offer you a rundown of the top healthy food items that should infallibly make it to your fridge. Do acquaint yourself about the same and be duly guided.

The most healthy food items imaginable: Are you drawing up a list?

A very common vegetable – potatoes – remain one of the most nourishing or nutrient rich food items that you might have access to. If you take up a medium sized potato know for a fact that it contains about 110 calories – which is equal to half a day’s dose of vitamin C. Let us also clarify that potatoes have got an unequivocally bad reputation for adding those liberal doses of calories – it’s because of the fact that all those packaged potato products are laced with salt, cheese, sour cream and added oils.


You shouldn’t really have been surprised if they had made it to the top of this list as well. Consider the benefits that this food has to offer and you will actually come to understand what exactly we mean.

A large egg is backed by a plethora of nutrients like:

  • Protein (8 grams)
  • 75 calories
  • Fat (5 grams)
  • Selenium
  • Vitamins
  • Other minerals


Low fat yogurt comes with a lot of nutrients as well. If you are considering a 6-ounce serving of simple low-fat yogurt you can expect to procure about 9 grams of complete protein, vitamin B-12, calcium and magnesium. If you are taking Probiotics you are also actually doing a favor to your immune system. You can have it as a snack or meal or even as a single serving.

Are you taking down the list of the healthy food items mentioned above? Do they already feature in your regular diet? It’s great if they already do. It’s not too late if they don’t!