A Few Health Improvement Tips for Teachers

A Few Health Improvement Tips for Teachers

Examination or no examinations- teachers are always under constant mental stress – thanks to the much important responsibility of shaping the future o

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teachers healthExamination or no examinations- teachers are always under constant mental stress – thanks to the much important responsibility of shaping the future of students – shouldered by them. Constantly juggling the roles of a classroom teacher, guide and friend – our teachers deserve way more empathy than what they already get.

How can teachers take care of their health?

This particular post is dedicated to teachers. We are in the course of unlocking a few health tips for teachers. Being a teacher is simply not a walk in the park. It entails significant stamina – both physically and mentally. We are no strangers to the fact that our beloved teachers – throughout their years of service- put their own health at back-burner to shape the minds of the future. While doing so – however – they also need to ensure that they are actually taking care of themselves. Documented below are a few ways with the help of which they can actually do so.

What you should take care of

Teaching is a physically strenuous job and we cannot really deny it despite the fact that teachers aren’t quintessentially required to restrict themselves to cubicles for a large part of the day. However, they are required to conduct 45-minute to an hour long sessions sitting on a chair. There are a few schools where they are even required to stand for long hours. You need to take care of your back. You need to ensure that you aren’t complaining of back pain – just a few years into your service. Consider adopting suitable posture and keeping your weight under control. Resort to regular exercises in a bid to ensure that your spine remains stable for years to come. Suitable posture should be maintained when you are sitting or when you’re standing. Make sure you’re sitting on the chair with your back firmly pressed against the chair. Do not lift yourself up with heavy objects. Make sure you are standing up first and then lifting a bunch of exercise books or a heavy bag.

Your voice is your asset. It is strength. It can well become your weakness if you are not serious enough to care for them. Drinking plenty of water makes for fundamental care regime. Besides lubricating your vocal chords, this will also go on to keep you refreshed for long hours. As a teacher, you might as well be inclined towards cleaning them often – thinking that they would actually go on to help you take care of your voice. On the contrary however, it doesn’t really help you at all. Each time you wash your throat you are unwittingly paving the way for the vocal chords getting slammed against each other. This eventually results in wear and tear of your vocal chords. Instead of cleaning your throat too often, look forward to taking small sips of water. Since you are using your voice almost throughout the day you should rest your voice whenever you can while not in school.

Are you doing all this? Make sure you’re educating yourself about more such nuances of health improvement.