8 Ways to Treat Swollen Feet from Diabetes


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Swollen feet and ankles are uncomfortable and oftentimes they can keep you from walking and moving freely. Swelling in feet or ankles caused by the accumulation of fluid in the tissues is known as edema and diabetes is one of the main causes of edema (swelling in the feet and ankles). However, there are so many home remedies and natural ways to relieve and prevent swelling.

In most of cases, simple lifestyle changes can work well for a diabetic to reduce swelling and get relief to a great extent. In this article, I have listed some best health tips to treat swollen feet from diabetes naturally.

1 Compression Socks

Compression socks are highly recommended for diabetics as they are best to maintain a good amount of pressure in feet and ankles. In this way, compression socks can improve the circulation of blood in the legs and feet to help you reduce swelling. Pharmacy, grocery store or medical store are the places to buy such socks on reasonable rates. One can also ask the doctor or medical expert for best socks according to your current medical condition. However, be sure to buy socks that are not too tight as they can actually hinder the blood circulation.

2 Shop for Comfortable Shoes

As a diabetic, one should invest in comfortable and one size bigger shoes so if the feet get swollen, blood circulation wouldn’t deter. For women, medical experts suggest shoes without high heels. Moreover, visiting a specialized shoe store with shoe fitting for diabetics is also a good option to buy the right shoes to reduce and prevent swollen feet.

3 Elevate your Feet

Lifting your feet above the heart level is another best way to treat swollen feet from diabetes. By doing this, fluids return to your body instead of collecting them into the feet. In order to elevate your feet, you should be sitting on the couch or laying in the bed. Try to use soft and comfortable pillows to keep your legs elevated above the heart level.

4 Live with Healthy Postures

Sitting or standing in the same position for a long period of time is one of the reasons behind swollen feet and ankles. Numbness also occurs due to the reduced circulation when you sit or stand for a long span of time. Sitting with crossed legs should also be avoided to treat swollen feet accordingly. Make a habit to get up and walk for a while after each hour. Getting 3 to 5 minutes’ walk after every hour improves blood circulation to relieve the swollen feet from diabetes. Wearing an activity monitor can remind you to move every hour to prevent swelling in feet and ankles.

5 Regular Exercise

Being inactive is one of the common causes of swollen feet and ankles. Try your hard to move around throughout the day as much as you can. Regular exercise is not only beneficial for effective weight management & better blood sugar levels, but it also improves circulation to reduce and prevent swelling in feet and ankles from diabetes. Walking, jogging, cycling, and swimming are some best exercises to keep moving healthily.

6 Shed Some Extra Pounds

Weight loss is one of the best health tips to treat swollen feet from diabetes. Maintaining a healthy weight offers plenty of benefits such as no joint pain, lower risks of heart diseases, better blood sugar levels and no more swollen feet, etc. By shedding extra pounds from your body weight, you can reduce and prevent swollen feet and ankles naturally.

7 Try Some Essential Oils

Application of essential oils can improve blood circulation in legs to help you reduce swelling. For instance, lavender oil is considered as one of the best things to improve blood circulations and to treat edema accordingly. However, one should consult with the doctor before applying a specific essential oil on feet and ankles to prevent swelling from diabetes.

8 Reduce Salt Consumption

Necessary dietary changes in your meal plan can help you treat swollen feet and ankles. Diabetics are strictly prohibited to consume salt by medical experts as it increases blood pressure. High blood pressure is one of the common edema triggers and can end up with swollen feet. That’s why reduced salt consumption could also be one of the best tips to treat swollen feet from diabetes.

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