7 Things You Should Never Put On Your Face

7 Things You Should Never Put On Your Face

The face is the most important part of your body and also known as the mirror of your body that shows your beauty at a glance. It not only shows beaut

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The face is the most important part of your body and also known as the mirror of your body that shows your beauty at a glance. It not only shows beauty but feelings, sentiments and emotions as well. A beautiful and glowing face attracts more attention than an ugly one. Plenty of skin care tips and remedies people use to maintain natural beauty and glow of the face skin. It is also said by dermatologists that if you don’t have sufficient information about things, you should not put on your face. The abundance of blogs and healthcare tips websites are providing skin care tips to maintain face beauty but you must apply those tips and remedies after consulting with your dermatologist. Here you can read about things you should never put on your face in order to prevent serious skin related concerns.


Females are more conscious about their skin than men and most of the women have a tendency to apply hairspray onto their face in the wake of applying cosmetics to influence it to last more. In any case, you ought to abstain from doing this in light of the fact that hairspray contains liquor which can make harm the skin and the eyes. Moreover, if you apply hairspray on your face, your facial skin will later be sticky and flaky.


You can apply it on your head to get shiny and strong hairs but is not good for your face. It is acidic in nature, and leads to clogging of skin pores and prevents them to take breaths properly. In results, you may suffer from some serious skin diseases.


A big number of blogs and websites suggest people apply lemon juice on facial skin to make it glowing but lemon is an exceptionally acidic organic product which can cause lasting skin harm, that is, it can change the normal pH of the corrosive mantle and cause skin disturbance, sun affectability, and many more that can turn your natural skin into ugly.


Majority of people apply toothpaste onto pimples and zits to dry them out snappier. In any case, toothpaste will likewise devastate sound dampness from the encompassing skin territories and may likewise consume the skin and leave dull patches.

Warm water

Don’t ever apply hot water on your face because it opens the pores and this enables soil to enter and cause aggravations and contaminations. Rather than utilizing warm or high temp water to wash your face, you should utilize tepid water and abstain from investing excessively energy showering, particularly in the winter time frame when the skin is more inclined to dryness and irritation.


If someone suggests you to wash your facial skin with sugar in order to get rid of pimples or skin rashes, just keep in mind that sugar is one of the things you should never put on your face. Regrettably, cleaning the face with sugar can harm the skin and get dried out it. In spite of the fact that it can be utilized as a scouring operator for other body parts like the legs, utilizing sugar to clean your facial skin is a no.

Body cream

According to skin specialists, you should never wash down the face with body cream in light of the fact that in the event that it was made for the facial skin, it would not be called body salve. The facial skin is not the same as the skin on whatever remains of the body so it requires distinctive cleaning techniques.