5 Home Remedies for Muscle Strain

5 Home Remedies for Muscle Strain

When any muscle in your body is overstretched or worn out during the workout or doing something from your to-do list, it’s called muscle strain or pul

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When any muscle in your body is overstretched or worn out during the workout or doing something from your to-do list, it’s called muscle strain or pulled muscle in medical terms.

The situation can be slight and like tenderness after an extreme workout, or sometimes it may need surgical repair to get relief.

Muscle strain or torn muscle is a common injury in people of all ages and can also be treated at home via some home remedies for muscle strain if it is not a serious one.

Majority of sportsmen often have experienced it at some point while playing on the ground or during the bike race and they frequently make use of some natural remedies to heal muscle injuries without visiting the doctor.

Poor health, weariness, and carelessness while doing some extreme exercise or workout can some major causes of muscle strain and if you are one of the persons who are suffering from this medical condition, then you can easily treat the problem at home with simple home remedies for muscle strain explained below.


Just apply an ice cube or pack on the affected area of your body right away in order to ease the muscle strain. It is considered as a quickest and easiest natural remedy for muscle strain.

It constricts the blood vessels, reducing the flow of the blood to the affected area of the body that helps to diminish the pain as well as to get a quick relief.

You must apply the ice cube covered with a thin towel to the torn or strained muscle for about 15 minutes to feel the natural relief.


It contains “zingibain” which is an anti-inflammatory substance to ease the injuries.

You can blend a teaspoon of powdered ginger with one teaspoon of olive oil to quietly apply the ointment over a torn or strain muscle to get well soon.

Oral ginger consumption also keeps you healthy and fit by preventing lots of medical concerns.


Onion is the best natural source of anti-inflammatory sulfur compounds and the anti-inflammatory antioxidant quercetin that helps in relaxing the torn muscles and muscle strain as well.

It plays a vital role in reducing the pain-causing toxins around the injured part of the body and help relax the muscles naturally.

It is one of the best Home remedies for muscle strain quickly.

Epsom salt

Just take a bath with warm water with dissolved Epsom salt if you are suffering from muscle strain because works wonders for sore muscles.

For sore muscles, immerse for 15 minutes and you will feel the natural comfort to treat the torn muscles.

Mustard and Curry

Plain mustard and curry include the effective anti-inflammatory spice turmeric which is very effective for calming painful and strained muscles without visiting the doctor.

Just combine a teaspoon of mustard or curry powder with partly a teaspoon of olive oil. After blending, apply it to sore muscles for few minutes. Hopefully, you will feel the difference but if pain still there then repeat the process for two or three times in a day.